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    Help me to change my clan name.

    My account name: HABIB_19
    Account Tag: #P9VJJQLQQ
    Clan Name: COC BOYS
    Clan Tag: #J2P9POLY
    Sir please help me to change my clan name. That name means only for boys. But help me to change that name for all. Please sir. That's level 6 clan. I have many Clash of Clans account. I want to play all these account in this clan. So please sir change the clan name.
    New name should be: Bangla_Clash
    Please help me sir...

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    I want response from SUPERCELL community please.
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    There is no option to change your clan's name. If you don't like the name you've chosen for your own clan, your only option is to create a new clan with a new name. It won't take you very long to get the new clan up to level 5 or 6 and since you haven't warred in nearly 2 years and all the accounts are yours, there's probably not much value in your existing clan outside of the clan level. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Need to change clan name

    My account name: yamraj( in Hindi alphabets )
    My clan tag:#VVCC9GVR
    My account tag:#LLYPGC2QU
    Clan name was lost army is there any possibility to change this clan name 😥 my freind started this clan with me but now he is not playing coc can this name change to victory royal or any thing accept lost ,or looser words we have to struggle to get better player in this caln due to name .

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    I'm not sure where you are getting the thought not getting players is due to the clan name (it's not, many, MANY clans have issues recruiting)... clan name change is ruled out at the moment

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    man I tryed my best on recruiting . Past one month after restarting this clan but it's doesn't work few th 12 players also give me same reason .

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