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    Started new hood last week, no stress. Just finish all 320/400 tasks.

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    Hay Day

    You can join here #U9RRU8V

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    What are you looking for in a neighborhood ?

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    #PVPUUCGL. Stress free, new hood created cause that is what I was looking for as well! Finish all 320/400 tasks or opt out of can't commit to finish

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    Come join us Dog and Butterfly #Y9YU9C8R. We seem to want the same thing. We broke away from the big hoods. We are doing well in our Championship League. We would like a couple more people. We like it smaller so we can get good tasks during the derby. Give us a try, if you do like it, no hard feelings. 320x10 tasks. We don’t hurry the board, but we love to win, the right way. Not a diamond win! No drama, just nice people. Have a great day ☀️☀️

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    Hi, myself and fellow hoodies set up a new hood Derby Teamworks yesterday because our old hood was starting to split into 2 camps - serious Derby players and not so serious Derby players. We are the serious ones. We are all mature adults who respect teamwork, sharing, politeness and courtesy. If these qualities appeal to you take a look at Derby Teamworks 🙂.

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    That is what i am looking for. Just started hood for THIS! Finish all 320/400 tasks, no rush. If can't commit to finishing, just opt out . #PVPUUCGL.

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    Check it out

    Kindred: similar in kind; one’s family
    Kith: familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives

    Established 1/30/17
    Kindred Kith is looking for a few good hoodies to help grow our neighborhood. Are you looking for your new forever home?

    Who we are:

    We are a small band of like-minded, championship league neighbors joined together for a fun, relaxing, derby-focused, drama-free time and to strengthen our efforts in the town and derby. Our derby goal is to regularly win GOLD, with an occasional silver or bronze.

    Potential members must:

    • Speak fluent English
    • Be an adult (18 years and up)
    • Play daily (unless life gets in the way)
    • Chat – its expected, especially when coordinating derby tasks
    • Be helpful and courteous
    • Work the town!
    • Achieve maximum points per derby (10 x 320 point tasks), if opted in
    • Additional point goal for special derbies
    • Be at least level 60 – will consider a few lower level players if active, helpful and willing to grow with us
    • Participate in derby regularly
    • Willing to communicate with hoodies via KIK

    Current composition:

    • Medium sized hood – 18 hoodies
    • Farm levels – 69 through 195
    • Town levels – 22 through 54
    • Countries: Canada, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia
    • Leader: Sam's Place (tag: #2JYYJ2LGR)

    Current Medals:
    Gold: 81
    Silver: 45
    Bronze: 26

    If interested, request to join! You can contact me through the forum or KIK (Samboville)

    Name: Kindred Kith
    Emblem: Blue dog on red circular background
    Tag: #89C99JCL

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    Hi Paulettes. The question is how competitive? We are a new hood - mainly European - who are looking to make the the top 200 on the World Leaderboard. So yes, there will be stress in terms of finishing the Derby quickly and without mistakes. But if you wish to check us out we are called Derby Teamworks and our logo is a ginger cat on a blue heart background. We are friendly, chatty, and our emphasis is all about teamwork. If you are a genuine team player you will love us. We don't use diamonds to win Derbies, we win with knowledge, planning, and by helping each other. If you are unsure now is the time to check us out before we hit the top level.

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    If you havent found a hew hood please check us out
    # YCYP8UJR

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