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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    The pool of clans in Champs 1 is still pretty small. Nowhere near large enough IMO to justify a higher tier. And because of the relative numbers being promoted & relegated, it isn't going to grow much either.
    How many are currently in C1 isn't really an argument either way, because as you said it's probably reached a stable state by now.

    A number of things would happen if another league was introduced in the top (assuming current C gets upped to 30):

    The average league and spread would increase. That is, a new stable state distribution shifted upwards across leagues would settle in a few months. Those currently at the top would be likely to shift the most upward, while a clan near the current average would see little difference.

    Consequently it would narrow the field within a league, i.e. fewer participants in a league. This could both be good as you'd be slightly more likely to see an increase in equal opponents due to more differentiation, and it could be bad because fewer participants per league could lead to less 8 clan matches.

    Its not impossible either, that narrower leagues would cause more clans to perpetually cycle back and forth between top of one league and bottom of the next.

    The really positive effect though, would be a much more demanding and competitive top league.

    Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the matter.

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    So looking now, we had 83 groups last month just finished that played in champs 1, I would suspect that would go up to around 100 if all clans that are champs 1 actually participated, I think there is to big of a gap between the top of champs 1 and the bottom in skill, it comes down to a bit of luck of what group you pool sometimes, as Ajax said there isnít a big pool yet, Iím probably on the fence there, not disagreeing but not agreeing also, if we had a titan league now, and we had say 100 groups enter, as there would be an incentive to play in champs 1. Top 2 go through for the first month, thatís 200 of the best of the best clans. That would seem like a pretty good scenario.

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    I can definitely understand. While I feel like I probably can't talk for your clan (as I'm in a Crystal 2 clan, being the co-leader in charge of cwl issues), I will be more excited when I get to play against the best clans in the game compared to just keeping a c1 status. To be honest, it's still something left for your clanmates to decide but if it's me to decide I'd go forward, playing in c1 league because even if I go back to c2 I'm still gonna keep the memories and might even get back to c1!

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