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Thread: Online in game or not

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    Online in game or not

    Hi, it would be nice to see of friends are online in the game.

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    I know you can see how many neighbors are online but why would you need to see when friends are online?

    Personally I would hate that. I have a very few friends and I am still hesitant about people coming to my farm and buying things from my shop. That kind of notification would draw people to online farms and I think that would really frustrate traders or more private farmers.

    EDIT: Unless it was so that you could clear out inactive friends but I think that would be different than an online notification.
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    What would be nice is that if one of your friends leaves the game for a long time (at least a week or 2), you would have some idea of when they were on last. That would allow me to remove inactive friends and add new friends in stead.

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