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Thread: TH9 Penta Laloon 3 Star Tutorial - 2020 Current Meta

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    Cool TH9 Penta Laloon 3 Star Tutorial - 2020 Current Meta
    Town Hall 9 Penta Laloon2020 Meta


    Army (Base Army)
    4 Lava Hounds
    18 loons
    1 Hog Rider
    1 ArcherAssist Troop(s) - Depending on the base and your hero levels you can adjust the remaining 4 camp spaces to the following options
    1 Wizard OR
    2 Minions OR
    4 Archers OR

    4 Rage spells
    1 Posion spell
    Please Note: You can swap the posion spell with a freeze spell or haste spells as needed.
    ✔ Always scout the base and plan your attack.
    ✔ Things to look for:
    2. AQ location
    3. AD location
    4. Xbows location and status
    5. Loon pathing and base symmetry
    6. WT location and proximity to AD
    7. Don't forget about cleanup. (Corner huts)
    ✔ Extremely effective against bases with ground Xbows
    ✔ Sniping the enemy AQ or an AD with your heroes gives you a huge advantage.
    ✔ Do not clump or spam your loons. 2 loons per defense is enough to take out a defense. Until you learn to do surgical deployment 2 loons at a time, spread them out in a wide line.

    1) Lure cc. ALWAYS!!!
    2) Use heroes to snipe AD.
    3) Snipe AQ with heroes if possible.
    4) The laloon will start on the AQ side of the base. Drop 2 hounds per AD, followed by a line of loons, making sure to save at least 3-4 loons. Once you get more comfortable you can use surgical deployment, dropping 2 loons at a time to target each defense.
    5) If the AQ is still alive drop a poison spell or 2 on the AQ after she locks onto the hounds. Then drop your first 2 rage spells over the 2 AD
    6) Drop the cc hound on the AQ side so that it flies over her agro radius on the way to the AD.
    7) Drop the last 2 rage spells after the first two AD go down and the hounds start traveling to the remaining AD. Try to cover as many defenses in the core while trying to cover the remaining AD as well. The trick to this is to understand the rage spells allow the loons to sweep through base quickly, NOT for the attack boost.
    8) Deploy the backside loons to target the remaining AD after the hounds lock on. This is extremely important and is a crucial step to make the attack OP
    9) Always try to save troop(s) for cleanup
    10) Enjoy your 3 star!!!PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE ��To support the channel and keep dabbing on haters please consider becoming a channel. Membership comes with many different perks that is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience! With options as low as $0.99, it's great way to help ensure I keep producing the content you guys want iOS users that want to support the channel and become a paid member please use the following link: Provided by No Copyright Sounds
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