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Thread: Funny Neighborhood Stories

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    Red face Funny Neighborhood Stories

    I just wanted to share my funny story about how I ended up in the neighborhood I currently am in.

    A little backstory I have been farming with the same group of hoodies since I first signed up for the game but we have all been in at least 3 different hoods together.

    So I returned to the game after like a 6 month break and I open the chat and I see that everyone has left the 20 person hood and I am now the leader all alone. So I go to my friends tab to see what neighborhood my old hoodies joined. I find that they are all in a new neighborhood with invite only on. So I can't just join and I have no way of contacting them to invite me.

    So I change my farm name to "PLS INVITE ME" and start buying up all the items in my former hoodies shops lol that doesn't work haha.

    Then I change my name back and unfriend them but then send new friend requests in hopes they see my farm name and invite me to the hood. They accepted like three times and I kept sending new ones but no invite.

    Finally I create a new neighbor hood and title it [Name of fav hoodie] PLS INVITE ME!!! and I send them all invites to my hood. Finally they all got the message and my notification board was filled with invites to the new hood.

    Haha! Anybody else have any funny hoodie or game stories!

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    I had a follower once that was clearly a huge sports fan. s/he was always changing their farm name to their fav sports team. When it changed to LET’S GO DODGERS!!!, being in the SF Bay Area, the devil in me felt compelled to see if I could get a reaction so I changed my name to LET’S GO GIANTS!!! They didn’t stop following me so I was glad they were able to take the joke Unfortunately then I took a break from the game for over a year so they stopped following me

    Another time I noticed to my horror that there was a farm following me named Death I told my hoodies and they were immediately all saying “Delete!! Delete!! Delete!!!!!!” Needless to say I did that pretty quick. Then a hoodie had to say “Hey q,” wait for me to answer, then say “Death here” just to rile me up again
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    Almost 3 years ago, back before solo players could reach the final derby threshold, I offered a friendly forum person to join our NH. Team HD had offered a special deco if the last threshold was met and she really wanted it. Luckily, her husband had a farm in her NH so it was safe from disappearing. She is a great hood mate and player. The deco offers were only for a few weeks, but each week she asked if she could stay for another week. Of course, we said yes.

    It was a win win for all of us, as she has a NH, and we have a player in a time zone way different from the rest of us. This really helps when it comes to trashing the derby board, etc. She has stayed all this time and brought over a baby farm as well.

    This quarantine has wreaked havoc on her life, so she has been inactive for a couple of months. We are all hoping she is back soon.

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    A couple weeks ago I received a friend request. Often this means they want an invite, so I checked my ad and my messages and there were none from this individual so I thought it was just a random friend request. I was at his farm and looked into his hood house and his farm wasnít listed. Now Iím scratching my head. I exited and went back in to see he had left his hood. Then I saw my red bubble light up with an invite to a hood named after me. I went to look and inside the hood house it said ...hi w my name, I really want to join your hood. Please invite me! He was so creative that I invited him!
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