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    Cool Tom Answers!

    We finally got Tom to answer your questions!

    - How old are you?
    My mom says you shouldn’t ask people that question, it’s rude! I don’t know why it’s rude, but that’s what my mom says.

    - Where do you bring us all the items from?
    I go around all my friends’ farms and ask for them nicely!

    - Can you bring us some expansion permits/SEM/BEM?
    Those are really expensive and valuable things… my friends’ moms and dads can’t give me those!

    - How many members are there in your family? Any siblings?
    My family’s really big! I have brothers and sisters, and my cousins and second cousins are always around as well, I love playing with all of them!

    - How are you able to run so fast?
    I eat a lot and I love running! Running’s my favorite, people are always telling me to slow down but I want to go faster and faster!

    - How come your naps are so long?
    I love running but it tires me out a lot! A snack and a nap are the best things after I’m done running!


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    I think Toms on the take to the SC Godfather. These answers sound like hes towing the *cough* company *cough* line. Explains why hes never near the pond/lake. Even sleeping near the fishes would be a risk. 😁

    (I came here thinking youd have up the latest Farmer video but to my surprise I saw this. Off to General I go.)

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