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Thread: question about the collectors

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    question about the collectors

    Have they changed the production rate on the collectors, it seems that the rate that they produce is more per hour.

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    AFAIK, production rates have not recently changed. According to the version history on the wiki, the only change I found was in June 2018: "Home Village Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors: Increased production for levels 10 to 12".

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    Unless the OP is just looking at the rates based on max collectors in the wiki. The highest level collector was increased from 13 to 14 for TH11’s and above in the spring update

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    The collector got new lvl on recent update,which increases the production by 700 per hour on each collector(gold mine and ele) where as 20 on dark dril
    The total production increased is ofcourse multiplied by no of collector/drills

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