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Thread: Wall Swapping

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    Wall Swapping

    First, I would like to say I love this game and thoroughly enjoy it. Secondly, I also like the way you can move buildings around by hovering one building or defense of the same size and them automatically switching. I like this feature so much I wish it happened with walls! When I change my base design by copying it, the walls are all messed up. The different level walls scatter around and disorient the way I have been upgrading them. I would love to just hover over them and them automatically switch for me. This would be a great feature and would benefit me and many others!

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    I agree

    I totally agree I really love this feature in clash and I spend hours just messing around with my base moving buildings and seeing how they fit and look in a certain spot

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    I totally agree, itís such an amazing feature and especially when Iím upgrading walls and switching bases, I want the higher level walls towards the middle

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