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Thread: The Nostras(lvl.17)warclan recruiting TH13-11s

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    Looking for TH13s

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    Cwl is over, this is the time to join so u can be in on the next one😁👍

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    Time to join us!

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    We are still recruiting. Drop by👍

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    Daily bump.

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    Exclamation The Nostras(level.17)warclan recruiting TH13-11s


    We are a international level 17 war clan, currently doing CWL in Master 3.

    We are looking for active TH13s-11s.
    If you are a maxed out, or almost maxed TH13 we have a spot for you in our CWL roster.
    And if you are a 12 or below, we have a level 14 clan that we use during CWL for TH12s and down.
    We do this so that as many as possible of our members get CWL medals to get hammers from the shop.

    This means that we have 2 active clans during CWL, and a total of 30-40 players that get to do CWL.
    Between that we all hang out in our main level 17 clan doing non stop wars and having a good time.

    Our members are from US, and Europe mostly, so we have a 24/7 active clan.

    If we sound like a good fit for you, feel welcome to join

    Clanname: The Nostras
    Clantag: #8CUJQ8JJ


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    Daily bump

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    Daily bump!

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    Daily bump! Cwl is getting closer and we got a spot open for a TH13.

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    Daily bump

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