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Thread: Suggest War Strategy for attached TH13 War Base

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    Suggest War Strategy for attached TH13 War Base

    Hello Chiefs, I am looking forward for your help to 3 star the attached War Base.
    Most of the war base in the opponent clan is same.
    So, Please suggest me with the strategy, troops and spell combination. Or is there any youtube videos or post about 3 starring the following base. Please also mention the name of the base too.
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    I need strategy to the pic attached

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    Hybrid the ♥♥♥♥e outta this base. u can come in from any side of the base with the hybrid, and easily queen walk the town hall. Once the townhall goes down, u can just drop sb n bk at either 7 or 10 depending on where your queen walked towards, n hybrid from 9 easily. Easy clap if you hybrid. LOL.

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