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Thread: Looking for a hood

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    Chatty, Active, Derby player looking for a hood.!

    Currently @ lvl 65 only been playing for a cpl months. Looking for CHATTY , derby focused hood and adult's that like to have FUN. Preferably U.S. hood or international. I am a independent farmer, I help when ever I can, even making stuff for boats or town or truck if u don't already have it 🙂. You probably could call me a Horder.😮😮😮 Would prefer champion league or expert, I do not have a problem spending extra diamonds for 10th or 19th task. I am 320+ focused only.🙂 I have also started a baby farm level 24, this farm can play in derby but will not do the 10th task. This farm can also be independent to. 😊
    Oh and did I mention I need a fun, chatty group????😂😂😂
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    Join El Pollo tag:#P9J0LYRV we are a devolving nHood and we would love to have you on our team!

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    Hello, sent you a PM
    Fillory & Further, Level 102
    Leader- Fierce Sickos
    Now recruiting....

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    Hi I have just started a new group also looking for a co leader feel free to join ID #LVC98YVY

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    Hi Laura,
    Our neighborhood has lots of room, we have about 12 regular derby players, but would love to have some new neighbors. Please come and join us while we grow. I think you will like our spirit.


    Level 40 and UP
    We have members from 40 to 100

    USA and UK Time Zones - English Only

    Search for “ THE NEW BUSY BEES” Or look us up at #9YVVLLPR.
    Our logo is a red fox in a round blue background.

    Our first and foremost rule is to treat others the way you want to be treated.
    If someone helps you try to help them back.
    It‘s a game, and as such, it should be fun and relaxing.

    Clean Cut - No drama - Relaxed Environment - Helpful Neighbors

    Derby participation requires you to complete all available tasks;
    - Or Opt Out

    We look forward to greeting you.

    Sincerely, Ms. Bee.

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    Please Join

    I've started a new hood. We are in the US specific pacific time. I'm at 37. We are all adults. We are very Derby Driven. Helpful and chatty. Hood name is VGK. Tag number is #PR29QGVJY. Symbol is Two blue shovels.

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    Bump, bump, bump

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    Will pm you, Cheers Robyn from The Active Help

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    Mary's little farm would love to have you

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    Still looking for a chatty ,fun, hood👯💃👯💃

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