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    Very little offends me to be honest. I can assure you I have travelled down all avenues to try to find a solution, not just for me, but for others that are having the same issue.
    The CB is up to date if that's what you are getting at. I have also tried powerwash on stable, beta AND dev channel. Still the same issue of a flash of black screen then app closing.
    Really at a loss to work out what else to try.

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    Angry Hayday on Chromebook

    Hayday has worked on Chromebook for ages. It is not threw bluestacks. It is in the google app store and worked just fine. I have a tablet styled Chromebook. After the update it now wont load. I click the app to open it, it goes to a black screen for a few seconds, and then it closes out. I have tried the customer support and they are a joke. They keep telling me to try all these things that I have already said in the email I sent that I tried them. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Incredibly upsetting to have a game I have played for years not working anymore.

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    Yes, I am having the same problem, I stopped playing the game after the 80 DL, I prefer it to be 300. I come back after a few months and it won't load. I have a Chromebook that works as a tablet, I basically bought it to play Hay Day. It works just as an Android tablet would. I have emailed the developer and nothing. Please correct the problem. It's May 26 so please fix it, thanks. I open and get a black screen for a sec then it goes back to the same open screen.

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