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Thread: I need clan

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    Hello.!! I'm legendary, We can help you to improve your village as well as your defense and attacks strategy and we also need a good Co-leader to run clan we are waiting join us and help us to grow our clan up. See you soon.

    Thanks you.
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    Hey !
    We are a level 8 clan (crystal league) looking for TH 7,8,9,10 and we have a sister clan level 15(masters league ) which takes in TH 11+.
    We are pretty relaxed and donít have much rules !
    We are eager to help anyone looking for help with attack strategies etc .
    Back to back wars !!
    No donation ratio required !!
    International !!
    Friendly !!
    You may check out our sister clan Helvetia #JYQOYYQQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon064 View Post
    Hi i have two accouts one th11 max only 43 walls left 50/50/20( tag = #9J0V022P8) and one th12 with bk/aq/gw = 44/65/33 and in defence only walls and cannon and mortar left and army full max acc. to townhall (tag = #R080RUPG). I am good attacker but sometime base design puzzle me can any player in your clan teach me how to attack different base design plz plz help me ......
    Thank you
    come with us, lv15 Spanish clan


    Shadow Hunters

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