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I'm unsure why the op is being attacked so much.

I think it's worthwhile discussing supercell's lack of enforcement of their own rules. I've attempted to report bot attacks in the past only to have support want me to send them a video of the attack to review. This is an absurd request and only leads me to believe they just don't really care enough to investigate individual reports.

I'm not expecting to know what actions are taken to punish collusion and botting, but it would be nice to know that reporting issues like these is taken seriously by SC. Based on my own experience and experiences I've read from others they aren't.
It's my understanding that they don't issue bans on a case by case basis. If they did, they'd reveal too much to the botters & give them a headstart on circumventing whatever the ban was for. So, bans are issued in waves; lots of people banned for a multitude of reasons. Keeps the botters guessing.