Hello, “Epic War Clan" is recruiting TH 11+

About us: We are a revived lvl 11 active adult war clan that focuses on CWL in the Crystal League and does back to back wars.

We unlock all the Clan Games rewards usually in a few hours, and actively donate max troops and help/support each other.

Our players are from the United States and England. And, we are looking for English speaking players.

Our clan has around 40 members, including TH 13’s TH12s and TH11s or 10s

We are looking for players that will contribute to the community that we have built. No free rides and promotions are earned through war and donations. We want active players who are pushing, donating, and talk in chat! We are also willing to take in multiple accounts if you have them If this sounds like you, please reach out.

I am the Leader Albyrd22