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Thread: Still having issues visiting neightbors farms

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    Question Still having issues visiting neightbors farms

    The game updated 4/8/2020 but, The Game still crashes when i see other people's farms. I was able to login just now for less than 3 min. And now im not able to get back in Hay Day again for the 2nd day straight. When i try, the game would crash on me before i can even login.

    Will these issues be fixed ?

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    Yeah since the update, when I visit other farm, I get connection lost.

    Still no official reply from SC, I'm not sure if they even aware of this problem.

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    Little bit of a update on this issue. I got a response to your fix through contact support through Hay Day game app, and did what you guys said about disconnecting Facebook reset and reconnecting Facebook again and i am still having the same problem.

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    Hope the Admin will take notice of this and, Fix these issues that we are all having.

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    The game did update something this morning but, The game still crashes when i see other peoples farm

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    Still having a problem with Hay Day. Can somebody fix these problems Please

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