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Thread: Change the name of the clan that I received

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    Change the name of the clan that I received

    Hi, I have a request for technical support. The thing is, I want to change my clan name. because I inherited it from a player who didn't come into the game for a long time. The clan are my friends and the clan is already level 6. I wouldn't want to start all over again. Could you help me and my clan by simply changing clan name?

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    No one on this forum can do this and simpla requesting clan name change doesnt work.
    There are two ways to get a chance for clan name change:
    - clan name is abusive or contains full name → contact ingame support and report it → they will decide if the clan name ahould be changed
    - become a pro esport clan and ask supercell for a clan name change and they will maybe change it

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