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Thread: Request about Shovel of Obstacles

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    Request about Shovel of Obstacles

    Iíve been playing Clash for quite some time now, and I have a TON of unique obstacles on my base.. to the point that I havenít seen a bush or trunk spawn on my base in well over a year. Iíve taken every opportunity Iíve had to buy the shovels when they come around and I get them through the season pass of course and such. But would there be any possibility of doing a shovel deal? Like $20 for 20 shovels or something along those lines? Iím slowly trying to realign my base with straight obstacles but at the rate I get them now itíd take at least another 6 months minimum to get the shovels required!
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    I agree with this. Supercell would make a killing if they had a shop offer for a discounted shovel pack
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