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    Unhappy No defence for TH12 ?

    (Orginal Post Is Deleted)

    - Reinstated by mod - deleting makes whole thread meaningless
    Ok so here is a list of defence we get from Clash
    • TH01 = Cannon.
    • TH02 = Archer Tower.
    • TH03 = Mortar.
    • TH04 = Air Defence.
    • TH05 = Wizard Tower
    • TH06 = Air Swepper.
    • TH07 = Hidden Tesla.
    • TH08 = Bomb Tower.
    • TH09 = X-bow.
    • TH10 = Inferno Tower.
    • TH11 = Eagle Artilary.
    • TH12 = Nothing!SeriouslyNothing!!(Giga Tesla doesn't count as it is just the upgraded Town Hall)
    • TH13 = Scattershoot.(Also Giga Inferno doesn't count)

    So generally there is no defence for TH12 that's not right. What's your opinion?

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    My opinion:

    Whatever. Who cares? If this is your biggest thing to worry about, you are doing really great.

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    My opinion is that the giga tesla REALLY counts since it is game changing.

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    No New ​defence, you get new levels tho
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    Giga tesla doesnt count ? who are you to decide?
    this is upgrade makes HUGE difference in the gameplay between TH12 and everything else

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    Giga Tesla is a part of the upgraded town hall and should be counted as a new defense.

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    Giga tesla is definitely a new defence. It completely changed gameplay

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    The giggle Tesla not counting is a matter of opinion and that happens to be yours but you canít simply dismiss it based on that.

    The giggle Tesla sure as heck requires clashers to take it into consideration especially at its max level with its death damage.
    That one giggle Tesla can make a whole lot of difference.

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    No new defense, but lots of new buildings to build and level up... giga tesla does count imo because it is the first of its kind!

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    How does the giga tesla not count? it was a new weapon and even came with a bomb when it gets destroyed.
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