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Thread: Siege machine update suggestion

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    Siege machine update suggestion

    Hello coc world
    I have a suggestion for you Darian ❤️

    There are 4 type of siege machine but the capacity is only 3 so I suggest you Darian please make the capacity to 4 also so we can bring all 4 siege machines to attack
    I know some of you would say that bring 1 in donation but there are hundred of clans where players are not getting donation on time
    I hope Darian you will keep this suggetion in your mind
    Thank you ❤️

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    This is a very good idea but I would stick with 1 in donation
    If u have a good donating clan then there is no problem

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    Actually a max th13 has 4 seige housing capacity 3 in seige building and 1 in Clan Castle.

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