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    When shopping on the daily dirt my hd crashes (didn't play chill derby)
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    I had the same problem. When I collected my rewards I had no issue.

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    Hi. I'm new to posting but wanted to add that I had multiple problems during the Chill Derby. Several of my tasks expired early and still showed as active. I had to trash the tasks and loose the points and standing in the race. I had a boat with extra rewards and puzzle piece sail away early with about an hour remaining and now all day my game is crashing while I am looking at the Daily Dirt. I collected my prizes already so this can't be the same issue. I'm also not sure I'm receiving rewards after watching trailors because the game gets disconnected after the trailor and I get a black screen. After that Google play pops up and finally the game returns with no way to claim a reward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Famv5 View Post
    This morning my game keeps shutting down as soon as I click on a neighbor’s farm to help them. I then have to launch the game again. This just started today. Other neighborhood members said they had the same thing before. Thought you may want to know about this issue. Thank you.
    Same here. Started today after installing upgrade ios 13.4 (its an ipad 5)

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    It happened to me also, even without updating IOS.

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    Game closes

    I have the same problem when I try to go to another farm to purchase something my app closes

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    Same here, going into the RSS, causes the game to freeze and crash. I have 3 accounts, on my 2 baby accounts the game freezes and crashes. It does not on my main account.

    Crashes occurring on a Samsung S8 and Samsung Tab S3.

    Update.....after reading about collecting chill derby prizes, problem solved.

    BUT..... can someone please explain to me how coding for collecting derby prizes causes a crash when trying to buy something in the RSS??

    I'm not complaining, I would just like to know for curiosity sake.
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