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Thread: Townhall 13 vs townhall 10

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    Townhall 13 vs townhall 10

    I have always been unfair to the enemies that attack my village, I am in city hall level 10 and rarely attack me from the same level, but very often players with city level 11, 12, even level 13 attack me, regardless of the league that they find me, they should avoid that they can attack lower levels since it is a great advantage an enemy with a larger city council are more troops, more spell, better levels in heroes and troops more capacity in the clan castle. It is as if I am a city council level 10 could attack city councils level 7 that would be too much abuse of power but it is the same as the enemies who attack me with a higher level city council do to me

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    Are you in champions league or higher? If so, it's open season at that level. Stay in masters or below where people are usually shown targets plus or minus one of their own.
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    What's your Trophy count?

    If it's Champions III and about then TH level is no longer taken into account in the matchmaking system. If that's the case then you might want to droop down until you find more opponents that match your TH level. There is nothing against being ambitious but there may be a time to cut your losses and push high another time.

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    Thanks for info, Personally, I have never liked being in the lower leagues, I don't like the emblems of teachers or previous ones. This had already happened to me years ago before I retired from the game due to the same situation, but at that time I was a city council at level 9 and arrived at the Titan League. It took hours to find an enemy and to win few cups, that was the reason why I left from playing for a couple of years

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    Yes i'm un champions I. Thanks for info

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