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Thread: Cwl search

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    Cwl search

    Hey there I was wondering if it is possible to add a way that you can search for a different clan league. If you donít understand what Iím saying let me Put it like this . A clan in crystal 2 for CWL died. Someone starts rebuilding but is no where near the strength to compete in that league. Is it possible you can re- search your league placing you in a more appropriate league for your clan. This can work both ways. A lvl 10 clan in gold 3 for CWL is now filled with a lot of max 12 and 13 bases. Can they have an option to find a new league that is more appropriate like crystal 1 or masters 3 CWL

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    The only way that could work is to reset every cwl. Otherwise, those inclined to sandbag for easy albeit fewer medals, could reset a clan using baby accounts and then fill with higher ones the next month. Resetting every month kills being able to put everyone on the roster for medals. I dont want my th12 and 13 farmers included in out weight for seeding.
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