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Thread: Respect old members , motivation for beginners

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    Respect old members , motivation for beginners

    Good morning , dear reader

    The idea I am proposing can dramatically improve clash of clans and improve the motivation and purpose of players around the world.

    Now the game is such that there is no difference between a person who has been playing for 6 years and a person who has reached the maximum level in the village in 1 year using money.

    Imagine implementing a system that allows people who have been playing in the legend league for a long time to collect the legendary cup. Either they have received Star Wars in clan wars for long time, or they have collected prestige in the second village, so that they can monopolize their village by taking advantage of such achievements.

    For example, increasing the damage of all defenses by consuming 1000 stars
    Or increase the health of the walls by 10% for the consumption of 10,000 legendary cups.

    In recent years, clash of clans have shifted to in-app purchases, which is contrary to the desire and competition of players at the professional level.

    Players at the professional level and experience want their day-to-day efforts to win a star-war or legendary cup to be a special change for them, such as the strength of their village, so that there is a difference between people who have played professionally for 6 years and collect star wars and other achievements show in their profile, and people There are players who have played for 6 months.

    Adding special features such as fiery or icy defenses or toxic defenses, defenses and dark and light traps, all of these can be spent by star wars or legendary cups or prestige players by purchasing sculptures that Applies the above to be possible.

    For example, why should a statue that needs 2,000 medals in clan war leagues only act as a decorative object? 4 months in Champion 1 should be NUM 1 CLAN and save all medals for just a decorative object??

    Of course, if you apply such features, assign specific modes to the high values of star wars experiences and the legendary cup, for example:

    1000 stars: 5% increase in wall health
    1,500 stars: 7% increase in wall health
    4500 stars: The walls of the first village will be resistant to super wallbreaker and 4 earthquake spells

    or :
    10,000 Legendary Cup: 4% increase in all defenses
    20,000 Legendary Cup: 5% increase in all defenses and turn the magic towers into ice

    You can also achieve amazing things by combining the above:
    for example :

    15,000 Legendary Cup + 15,000 Prestige: Special upgrade capability for all canons , Archer Towers and Mortars of First Village


    These can be done by spending the said achievements and buying the sculptures and placing them in the main village or second .

    Please think about these things and try to avoid adding more financial items in the game and increase the items that can be reached according to the players' efforts.

    Gaining credit is better than money.
    In this case, we will see in-app purchases with more competition from players in order to achieve achievements such as star-wars or legendary cup to see the motivation in the game as in the early days of its emergence.

    This statement is the experience of a programmer who has been playing clash of clans for 7 years.

    Sorry for my long text and mistakes.

    With respect
    clash on
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    I’ve played for 6+ years and this would ruin the game for me. It would also severely hurt the real professionals who compete in CoC ESL. Right now, everyone, no matter how long they have played or how many war stars they have won, are on an equal playing field. They all have the same opportunities to grow their village. Your idea is to give players with legends cups or a large amount of war stars a huge advantage over those that don’t. Especially using legends cups. Do you realize how small of a percentage of players actually play in LL? I’ve less than 150 legends cups after 6 years because LL was virtually unplayable for the casual player for years.
    Essentially, you want to give the veteran, skilled players an advantage that others can’t have. Big no from me. It would destroy the game that I enjoy so much.

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    I've played for 4 years now and I don't want ANY perks that reward players for the length of time they've played or for pushing or for warring. I'd be okay with cosmetic things like an extra skin or statue depending on long you've played, but nothing that directly affects gameplay.
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    I'll add my no to this as well and I've been playing for 6 years. Cosmetic, sure. Game changing, no. The op also has a rather mean spirited I am superior for not spending money tone.
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    I'm also a 6+ yrs players and I disapprove this idea.

    The respect for veteran players comes automatically from other clan mates from their war attack skills, base strength, giving helpful tips etc .Sure anyone with enough money can upgrade a base to max but experience cannot be bought with money that's gained with time spent playing and having knowledge of tips and tricks they can't get without some work. That's enough motivation for a new player to strive for imo.

    This idea isnt related to respect or motivation, it's more to flex muscles I feel.
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