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Thread: Help me 3 Star this base

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    Help me 3 Star this base

    I will be using lavaloon so please tell me where to deploy troops and when and I also know that they would be having electro dragon in their Clan Castle
    23 Archers
    25 loons
    3 wizards
    2 Lava hounds
    My heroes are of
    archer queen lvl 6
    Barbarian King is lvl 12
    3 rage, 3 haste and 1 Hound in CC Screenshot_2020-04-05-14-47-08-156_com.supercell.clashofclans_940x540_1_82.jpg
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    Try gobolaloon
    2 golem + few wizes and ww filled with bowlers attack from 12 o'clock you should be able to take down the queen 2 Ads and air sweeper and then start laloon from 9 and 6 o'clock.

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    Valks!!! Why go air with those weak walls?

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