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    Question about Supercell support

    So I recently got interested in playing CR (last time I played was like 1 year ago and btw I have been playing since 2016 Jan), and I asked Supercell for one of my older accounts to be recovered. I sent them the information about the account, and shortly from what I assume is a bot, I got a message saying that they were going to send a support agent to help me. I am just curious, when do they usually send in a ‘support agent’ to help me? Like a day after the message?

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    Sorry, but there is no place in these forums for Clash Royale.

    Please go to Reddit instead.

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    Clash Royale

    Join my clan
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    Why is this matchmaking so broken? I am level
    12 and i have 4 cards on 12 and 4 on 11 but why i play with level 13 full maxed decks with star points. Please fix this i want to play with somebody who have levels on 12.
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    Guys im frustrated of this matchmaking.I have level 12 king level with 11 level cards and then i play with level 13 full star level deck. Pls change it I cant play with 11 level cards against full maxed deck.

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    I think this is the Forum you are Looking for...
    But as you push up in cups, the Players will be stronger and they will have higher towers.
    You can’t expect to keep pushing up in cups and not be finding tougher opponents.

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    Read at Your Own Risk

    What I am about to present to you is enough to bring a man to tears. Please read at your own risk.


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