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    Lightbulb Clash Royale: A idea for leveling Clan Wars 2

    Hello I would like this message to reach the team that updates the clash royale clan war 2.
    The leveling of the war is very unfair, I have secondary accounts level 10 with cards 10 and 9 and I'm only taking players level 12 and 13 with maximized cards ... This is making players very angry since it is almost impossible to win ... and many are missing out on the game because of that and going to other games that are being released.
    I know that you have already received several messages requested to level the tournament level. But today I come with a different idea: Level the matchinmaking and the level of the cards to the level of the tower !!
    As it was before in the level 10 and 11 global tournament. For players of level 6, 7 or 8, level them at level 9. This is similar to the leveling of war 1.0 and, in my view, it will encourage very much the xogadores to reveal their cards.
    As a result, players will continue to have to upgrade as a feature while leveling up and there will be no significant impact on revenue.
    I like the game very much and I don't want to see it go to ruin. I hope I contributed in some way to the future of the game. Thank you.

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    Original version in Portuguese**��

    Olá gostaria que essa mensagem chegasse na equipe que atualiza a guerra de clãs 2 do clash royale.
    O nivelamento da guerra está muito injusto, tenho contas secundárias nível 10 com cartas 10 e 9 e só estou pegando jogadores nível 12 e 13 com cartas maximizadas... Isso está deixando os jogadores com muita raiva já que é quase impossível vencer ... e muitos estão deixando de jogar por causa disso e indo para outros jogod que estão sendo lançados.
    Eu sei que você já receberam várias mensagens pedindo para nivelar a nível de torneio. Porém hoje venho com uma ideia diferente: Nivelem o matchinmaking e o nível das cartas ao nível da torre!!
    Como era antes no torneio global nível 10 e 11. Para os jogadores de nível 6, 7 ou 8, nivel neles ao nivel 9.Isso fica parecido com o nivelamento da guerra 1.0 e ao meu ver, vai incentivar muito máis os xogadores a evlouirem as súas cartas.
    Com isso os jogadores continuarão a ter que atualizar as cartas enquanto upam de nível e não haverá um impacto significativo no faturamento.
    Gosto muito do jogo e não quero vê-lo ir à ruína. Espero que eu tenha contrbuído de alguma forma para o futuro do game. Obrigado.
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    There has been no forum presence for Clash Royale since the end of 2017. Reddit is where you can post your ideas.

    Here’s the link:
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    Very poor support service

    I have an issue playing my attacks in war day for the second day , i contacted clash royale support and they haven't solved my issue , just aggressive and repeated replies from " sparky " and " Gustavo " !! , i need a solution to my issue

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    Play with emulator Clash Royale

    I love this game Clash Royale, but I have chronic problems in my hands, so for me it is much better
    to play from the computer with the emulator.

    I read that it is forbidden, but my intention is not to cheat, I only want to play from the computer
    because I can only do so and I love this game.

    Do I really have to give up playing because of the risk of being banned?

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    Mega Knight bug?

    I'm hoping this is a bug because it's super broken. The mega knight has a stomp attack, which is fine. The problem is when he stomp attacks enemies that are withing a foot of him. If it's a bug, please fix this. If it's not a bug, please rethink that move. He shouldn't be able to do that unless I place them farther away.

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    Won’t get emails

    I cannot receive emails to login to my super cell account on clash Royale I’ve tried emailing and cannot do that either so here I am now no it’s not in my junk folder or any other special folder the last email I received was in 2018 please help

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    Ladder Clan Clash Royale looking for new members

    Looking for active players ready to donate and participate in Clan wars. *anyone welcome*
    I’m Masters
    Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuriousArmy View Post
    Looking for active players ready to donate and participate in Clan wars. *anyone welcome*
    I’m Masters
    Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale!
    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately there is no Clash Royal presence on this forum. Instead, try here:

    Hay Day level 196 (main farm) - I have seven others!

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    Ideas for CR


    Where-how to post new ideas for future updates of the game Clash Royal plz and where developpers see it.. .not in an unuseful place plz...
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    if you have ideas for clash royal, please go to the clash royal subreddit. the link to it is here:

    welcome to the forum!

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