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Thread: Th11 646⭐'s 30/50/15 [Searching]

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    Th11 646⭐'s 30/50/15 [Searching]

    Ex-Vet here. I go by Syn, Xonix, Mr Z, Im a th11 with several accounts that has been playing since the waterfall days of clash. Quit for a while on this account and working to find a nice homey family War clan and get back to 3 starring everyone in sight. Reply or send me a message if you're interested
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    🏆✅ dark lords ✅🏆 | International War Clan| |Infinity Network Clan| |Level 14| War Wins -300+ | Clan tag- #PL90YR |

    Are you looking for an adult war clan that likes to win, but doesnt berate its members for failed attacks? Here at dark lords we believe that we succeed and fail as a team. Even with the best laid plans failed attacks can and will happen. Instead of pointing fingers, we all try to learn and grow as a team, so we can do better on the next attack.

    🌟About Us
    ✅300+ war wins /Best win streak of 15
    🏆41K+ clan points
    📣Our goal is to be in the top 200 in the international leaderboards one day.
    🔞Mature, adult-only war clan
    ☢️Active, lots of donations & FCs
    ⚔️Back-to-back wars
    🎮Max clan games
    ❌No required donation ratio

    💥War Expectations
    ⚠️If you opt-in we expect that you will use both attacks in war
    🎲 Plan your attacks, especially your funnel. Hope is not a strategy.
    🏑 Use friendly challenges to practice and improve your skills
    📲Good communication, nobody likes surprises
    📃Read and follow war strategy posted on discord

    🤷♥♂️Clan Expectations
    🎯 Done accurately and generously
    💂♥♂️Request troops on every attack so clan mates can donate
    🆑Clean, respectful chat
    💾Discord mandatory
    😉Good sense of humour

    🔗How to Join
    ⏬ in-game request code>> "Quacks" ✓ Click below to directly request ✓⏬

    Come chat in our discord server.

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    The United States

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    Mar 2020
    ⭐⭐⭐ TheWiseCowboys ⭐⭐⭐

    About us ✨

    🌟 Lvl 8 War Clan
    🌟 Crystal 3
    🌟 5 x CWL winners
    🌟 Max clan games everytime
    🌟 Family of Loyal players
    🌟 Discord Community
    🌟 70% win rate

    What we expect 🌠

    💫 Max th9+
    💫 Th10 + for cwl
    💫 200 war stars
    💫 15+ Archer Queen
    💫 250 donations each term
    💫 Discord

    Clan Rules ⭐

    🌠 Opt out if heroes upgrading
    🌠 Number attacks unless told otherwise
    🌠 Must donate what's requested
    🌠 Strive for 3 stars each attack
    🌠 No Bullying
    🌠 Donate what's requested
    🌠 No immaturity
    🌠 Have Fun!

    Hero Levels 💫

    (We expect you to aim for these as a minimum before upgrading TH and prioritise for each townhall)

    ✨ Th9 20/30
    ✨ Th10 30/40
    ✨ Th11 40/50

    Clan Promotions & Events 🌠

    ⭐ Elder is earnt by a month stay and constant donations or winning getting a prize in a clan event
    ⭐ Co Leader is earnt by loyalty this is rarely given out only given to individuals who go above and beyond call of duty

    ⭐ Clan events usually range from attack events, Biggest loot raids, Trophy push etc
    ⭐ Prizes range from CWL bonuses, Promotion, gems

    Discord 🌟

    💫 Fast growing community
    💫 Advice chat
    💫 Voice chat
    💫 Sidekick clash bot
    💫 +much more

    💫 Clan tag :#29PCQGUV0

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    We are looking for active players like you, you can try us #QPPGQCU

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    South Carolina, USA
    For TH12 and Lower
    Great place to bring your Alt
    Adult Humor and Conversation

    evilNAPKiNS BM8
    Join Us!

    A Fair Play Clan
    Clan tag: #28CVVCYUL
    Little Brother to the famous evilNAPKiNS BMF Clan

    "Active players are valued over all else!"

    Where and Adult can be an Adult!
    For those age 21 or older.

    Adult humor and conversations are always welcome
    We don't know Drama!
    Aside from that just come have a good time with great people!!

    1. Visit our website

    - On the website you will be able to find out more about us.

    2. Click here to become a member of our communication system

    -From there you will able to talk to the Leader and Co-Leaders.


    Contact us through our web site
    Clan tag: #8VGR9LRV
    Our Recruiting Thread

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    I'm in Para, Para, Paradise
    UK Knights want you!

    Currently a level 8 clan almost at level 9. About to get promoted to crystal league 3 in war leagues. Mostly UK players but some everywhere! Very chatty, great donations and very chilled out, as long as you're active you'll fit in great!

    Clan ID: #28LGRLL2P
    TH10 Lvl 106
    UK Knights #28LGRLL2P

    Im back! Again!

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