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Thread: Collectors biggest defense upgrade for max th13s with spring update.....

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    I believe the de drills were a bigger buff in hit points? That's why I did them 1st.. but yeah, more hit points..

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    When i first seen the update notes come out i sent a clan mail asking any that war to get the barbs upgraded(for the bk pump) and all collectors done asap as any added health to buildings will be a nice addition but this post sheds much more light on it than i ever could to members so a big thanks. Another mail will be sent soon, thanks again

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    Actually, some base designs might get more vulnerable to electro dragons, as those will get one more chain

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    EDrags may or may not benefit, as they can now chain twice off an exterior mine/pump.

    Th13 is already a struggle with time for anyone doing a queen charge. Lalo is less affected than hogs/hybrid, as you can usually go down to 1:30 left, sometimes 1:00 left, with QC lalo. Hogs and hybrid seem to run out of time if started later than 1:45 remaining. This is actually a large nerf to QC hog/hybrid, as the queen really needs time to achieve the QC objectives. This can either force a premature deployment of troops (before all objectives are complete) or will cause time fails.

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    Well done ,nicely thought OP

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    I thought it was kinda obvious that 1500+ more hit points on the board would make a difference...

    We are coming into the defensive era of the Th 13 experience, and Im sure well see a lot of complaining about it.

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    Since I see many e-drag attacks in master to champ range. This will help me defend. No outside buildings chain now. But I will likely do other defensive buildings first. On my F2P TH12 I'm doing the collectors. Mostly for the loot, since at times I forget to even log on there.

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