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Thread: Miniature horses to fill last 2 stalls

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    Miniature horses to fill last 2 stalls

    I have 2 empty stalls in my 4th barn. We need 2 miniature horses and since we don't have an Appaloosa why not have that?

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    Any horses to fill the last stall have been requested for quite sometime. We can just continue to hope.
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    Or we could ask for a couple of native breeds... Exmoor, Highland, Fell pony, Connemara, Shetland, ( in the adverts there’s a Shetland that “moonwalks” (rofl highly unlikely, but oh so cute! )
    or- what about a choice of two or three heavy horses , for ploughing and carts? Percheron ( dapple grey with feathers) Shire ( white socks), Clydesdale.....
    After all, farms used horses before tractors, and they worked hard!

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    I donít think it will ever happen, have been asking for two more horses (Of any kind) for over a year. If it does not make money/ diamonds it will not happen. Sure we can give the pets names (a terrible feature, that ruined playing with them) but can we fill out all four stalls, not a chance. Rose will Probably make some snide remark about people asking for more horses.

    sincerly feed up, dogdogchicken
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