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    Magical Archer:

    Back story : After Learning the power of invisibility the Archer went to hunt the defences.

    HP : 4 times the archers Hp
    DPS : 2.5 times the archers DPS.
    Speed :1.5 times the archers speed
    Housing space: 5 housing space.

    Favourite target: Defence.
    Ability: (Cloak) Becomes invisible once for 5 seconds when a defence is in 3 tiles radius.

    I am Dark Healer's Master.

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    super hog rider
    space required 10
    special ability: has a magic hammer that allows him to recover health with each hit.

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    The super dragon

    I was thinking of an evolution of the common dragon: the super dragon
    The troop space could be 25/30.
    Life and speed may have increased compared to normal.
    His special ability is to spit a trail of fire that hits the central structure and those to the side of it thus hitting more structures in one shot. Then if the super dragon attacks troops it could give the fire effect (similar to poison) causing damage and slowness in the movement of the troops. As a design it could have fire trails starting from his body when he moves and some embellishment in the body to make it even more fiery.

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    Psychic Wizard:

    A wizard who trascended his own power and now can levitate. He shots blast energy ball that deal 3x damage more then a normal wizard. He also have a good amount of health. 12 housing space

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    Super Hog riders, 10 or more housing space.
    More hp (maybe a bit slower than the standard one).
    When he hits a defense, his hammer generates a small eq shock.
    2 tiles or less as radius for the eq effect and less damage of an eq spell.

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    Super Pekka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodgey View Post

    Town Hall Required: Depends on time it is released.
    If recent: TH 13
    If further in the future: TH 14

    Electro Hydra

    This would be a version of the Electro Dragon that has 2 heads, which shoot 2 electricity beams at once, they both hit the first building, dealing TRIPLE damage, then they split off into two different beams, hitting 5 defenses (a total of 6 hit), dealing decreasing damage on 2nd hit, 3rd hit, 4th hit, and 5th hit, but on the 6th hit, it deals double damage of that of the 2nd hit as a lightning bolt meets with the beam.

    1st hit: 3,660 Damage (Both beams hit)
    2nd hit: 1,220 Damage (For each beam)
    3rd hit: 1,110 Damage (For each beam)
    4th hit: 1,000 Damage (For each beam)
    5th hit: 890 Damage (For each beam)
    6th hit: 2,440 Damage (For each beam)

    His ability would be:

    Once his health reaches below 20%, the Electro Hydra becomes Super Charged, moving and reloading at TRIPLE speed.

    Once he is destroyed, his two heads shoot two lightning beams that join together into a large ball of lightning, then the ball of lightning consumes the Electro Hydra, then the electro ball falls into the ground, dealing 5,000 damage to walls, and 3,000 damage to defenses that end up inside or atleast 2 tiles next to the ball.

    The Electro Hydra would have 7,500 health, move and reload at the speed of a normal Electro Dragon, and take up 55 housing spaces (so a CC cannot fit it, even if it gains more housing spaces at the next level.)
    I promised artwork, so here it is!!!

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    I propose the super electro dragon with a housing space of 40 (fits in CC). Like the electro dragon, it has a chain lightning effect, but instead the lightning branches out in all directions as long as the buildings are within the 1-tile space requirement. Each chain lightning will have a radius limit instead of the regular building limit. This is to diversify gameplay strategies for both attack and defense. My initial suggestion for the radius is 7 tiles.

    Furthermore, I do not want it to be overpowered. In order to address this, the chain lightning effect’s damage splits as it branches out. For each new branch of lightning, the total amount of damage is divided evenly amounts the new number of chains and then that amount is increased by 25%. Therefore, if the chain does not branch out, it does more damage to each target than if it were to split. On the other hand, when it splits in four, the damage reduces to 50% each which does not seem too overpowered or underpowered. That is why I think it is important to reduce the damage proportionally without purely dividing it only and making it too weak.
    Good luck. I hope my post was helpful.
    Now, I want to ask you to help. #SaveTheForums
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    Super Healer
    has a bit of an aura to her, that makes her look ready for that super healing effort.
    shes visibly bigger then her little sister and has a distinguished gown.
    50 spots
    when she dies 3 normal healers appear to support whichever troop / hero needs healing like the regular healers.
    math isn’t my strong suit, so that’s upto you sc not to make them too powerful, but fun to play around with some.

    or I guess you could make it 25 spots and have it dissolve into 2 healers when her health is depleted.
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    Super Balloon

    These Giant Balloon drops a big Explosive filled Barrel filled from more small explosives. When these Barrels explodes dealing a Massive Blast they spread small explosive into surroundings dealing moderate damage to nearby buildings and troops.
    DPS - 500
    HITPOINTS - 1200
    SUPER ABILITY - Big Barrels burst and drops 5 sharpnels randomly in radius of 4 tiles dealing Damage.
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