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    Super Archer
    Longbow & Flaming Arrow
    Idea is longer distance and arrow sizzle for more damage in time, but decrease as flame burns out
    Housing space comparable to Super Barb at 5.

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    Farming :D
    Cool contest

    My idea (yes, I have one! ) is the Super Wizard:

    He has big hair (that's the most important thing!) and throws bunnies (it's almost Easter after all)... ok I might have stolen THAT idea from somewhere but please keep reading!

    He will not attack the first building but the one behind it (a bit like bowler but without doing damage to the first building). That would mean a bigger range and could be useful on bases where the outside are storages/'trash buildings' and the defences are in the second row. The super wizard could take out these defences. If you want to make the difference from bowlers greater it could be the 3rd building and not the second (that might be difficult tho if there is a gap but then it doesn't really matter as he will still do splash damage but more than the normal wizard). He would throw 3 bunnies per hit (yes, really!). When they land, there will be splash damage. After that, the bunnies will attack the nearest building so it would be a bit like skellies that distract defences and point defences would need a few hits to take all of them out.

    Edit: I just saw this has already been suggested on page 3 :/
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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    Mighty Healers

    TH Level needed to unlock:12
    Housing space :18
    Troop HPS:80 same for level 5 and 6
    Hero HPS: 64 for level 6 and 58 for level 5
    HP: 1700
    Same stacking as regular healers

    Special ability: Mighty Healers are immune to any damage for first 6 seconds+50% additional enraged time when healing under rage but raged mighty healers don't give extra boost to Troops
    There's something for base builders as well:Red Air Bomb will deal 2.2x damage to Mighty Healers when they are not immune..

    Some explanation about additional rage ability:
    Rage spell lasts for 18 seconds.
    Mighty healers once raged will stay raged for 18*1.5=27 seconds.They will stay raged even when they step outside rage spell radius.
    But raged Mighty Healers will give enraged healing to Heros only.Raged Mighty healers won't give additional healing to troops.Troops will heal as if they are under unraged mighty healers.

    Conclusion:Mighty Healers will give a big boost to Queen Charge based attacks while also being vulnerable due to addition damage of Red Air Bombs.
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    Super Wizard
    Double the health of regular wizard
    attacks with inferno beam that increases over time
    movement - instant teleports to next closest target (this could be good or bad depending where next target is and where his tanks are)
    housing space 14
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    Super Bowler

    -As the name Bowler implies, this troop will now attack with his boulders in a line (pretty much like BB's Giant Cannon).
    -Perfect Strike Ability: First attack will be an empowered one which deals more damage that can reach a range of upto 3 adjacent buildings.
    -The range of the normal attacks will be the same as the regular bowlers in which it can reach the building behind it.
    -Deals increased damage to walls.
    -10 housing space

    Super Valkyrie

    -spinning juggernaut
    -now always spinning her axes as she moves with the same aoe splash damage
    -bigger aoe range
    -Berserker Ability: rages and deals more damage when she's the only Valkyrie deployed on an area and depending on how big the squad she is with (i.e. when with troops of low caliber power like barbs or giants, she enrages)
    -20/25 housing space

    Super Golem

    -Earth Cry Ability: When damaged, super golem lets out a fury of tremors that damages surrounding buildings with an increased radius to that of an earthquake spell. First tremor starts when deployed, second one when sup golem is taken down to 75% health, third when on 50% health, fourth on 25% health, and lastly on death.
    -Super Golemites, upon spawning, roll towards the nearest defense immediately destroying any wall that obstructs their path. When destroyed, breaks down every wall in an area around it.
    -40 housing space

    Super Hog Rider

    -Super Hog Rider now is riding two hogs with twice the hitpoints and twice the movement speed.
    -As the Super Hog Rider is taken to half his health, one of his hogs will be killed and his movement speed gets reduced (now same with the mspeed of a regular hog rider).
    -Vendetta Ability: When the Super Hog Rider loses one of its hogs, its attack will double and will now ignore any traps (meaning, bombs won't damage him and neither will spring/tornado traps will affect him). In this vengeance state, any spells that will be used on him will have a 20-25% increased effect.
    -15 housing space

    Super Ice Golem

    -Death Frost Ability: The freeze ability of the normal Ice Golem on death will remain but with an added effect. All units on the area during the Super IG's freeze duration will receive the Frost aura.
    -Frost Aura: For 10 seconds, any unit/building that attacks those with the Frost Aura will have their attacks slowed down (very much like when a normal IG attacks a building, the latter will be slowed; but on reverse, it will be slowed when the building attacks a unit with the Frost Aura).
    -25 housing space

    All of the troops I mentioned here will of course have increased hitpoints and damage than their regular counterparts.
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    Name - Clockwork Electro Dragons
    Ability - Lightning Strikes from Electro Dragons to
    defensive buildings will --
    1. SLOWDOWN Building upto 50% for 5
    2. Reduce Damage Rate upto 30% for 5
    Seconds. ( 50% for Air defences)

    When the defensive building get stun by dragons hits. This stun effect will be shown in blue color lighting effect for 5 seconds.

    (Electro Dragons are slow.
    Now change there WEAKNESS into there STRENGTH.
    Now they will slowdown defences also.)

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    The world may never know...

    Town Hall Required: Depends on time it is released.
    If recent: TH 13
    If further in the future: TH 14

    Electro Hydra

    This would be a version of the Electro Dragon that has 2 heads, which shoot 2 electricity beams at once, they both hit the first building, dealing TRIPLE damage, then they split off into two different beams, hitting 5 defenses (a total of 6 hit), dealing decreasing damage on 2nd hit, 3rd hit, 4th hit, and 5th hit, but on the 6th hit, it deals double damage of that of the 2nd hit as a lightning bolt meets with the beam.

    1st hit: 3,660 Damage (Both beams hit)
    2nd hit: 1,220 Damage (For each beam)
    3rd hit: 1,110 Damage (For each beam)
    4th hit: 1,000 Damage (For each beam)
    5th hit: 890 Damage (For each beam)
    6th hit: 2,440 Damage (For each beam)

    His ability would be:

    Once his health reaches below 20%, the Electro Hydra becomes Super Charged, moving and reloading at TRIPLE speed.

    Once he is destroyed, his two heads shoot two lightning beams that join together into a large ball of lightning, then the ball of lightning consumes the Electro Hydra, then the electro ball falls into the ground, dealing 5,000 damage to walls, and 3,000 damage to defenses that end up inside or atleast 2 tiles next to the ball.

    The Electro Hydra would have 7,500 health, move and reload at the speed of a normal Electro Dragon, and take up 55 housing spaces (so a CC cannot fit it, even if it gains more housing spaces at the next level.)
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    Dodging Minion (not dodgy!)

    - increased hp
    - approx same damage per hit, attack and movement speed
    - damage taken inversely proportional with the number of minions within a small radius.
    - housing space somewhere around 4-6

    Most air attacks are fundamentally tank+kill squad or tank+anti-defense. Minions so far usually play a clean up role in either. This way you could see air attacks where minions could play more central roles, like low damage tanking, funneling etc.

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    Super baby drags Unlike normal baby drags its projectiles will have poison effect within a small radius (four to five tile).Favorite target defensive cc troops, redused splash damage to one or two nearby building (one tile) troop space 15 hp twice or 50 percent more then the normal ones. As we don't have any other troop which replace or act as poison spell this will give the players an option to take one extra spell. Minimum troop lvl - level 5
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    Not sure if this idea breaks the spirit of golems but here it is:

    Super Golem
    HP: 12000
    DPS: 120
    Housing: 40
    Golemmites and death damage remain unchanged

    Ability: mounted with a cannon on its back, the super golem is now able to begin targeting defenses from a distance (3 tiles). The golem will still approach defenses and begin hitting them as normal and the cannon will stop shooting until the defense is destroyed. If the cannon can reach the defense over a wall, the golem will not target the wall until it can no longer reach any defenses.
    When destroyed, normal golemites spawn with no cannons.

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