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    ah thanks didnt see that sorry mate!

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    Troop Bank and Clan Troop Bank

    Ever wondered where the extra troops left after a 3 star victory goes, wonder no more since we can now introduce a troop collector at the end of a battle, every troops that survives goes to a troop bank which you can access for donations, it also can serve as a troop bank which you can train and add a troop to donate later when someone needs it. Also the clan troop bank which you can deposit any troops which a player can access later and use them for his clan castle, if there was nobody available to donate troops for that person, it also nakes players from diff countries get their cc donations faster, even while the majority of the players are asleep.

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    Donation camp

    Hey there I know how annoying it is as a leader to log on and find a bunch of requests just sitting there. You have to remove troops from your camps or attack to make room to cook troops for donating. As a F2P player I canít 1 gem donations and must cook everything. I can be stuck for half an hour cooking troops. So my idea is a new army camp that is just for donations and can be upgraded to eventually fit 100 housing space worth of troops. You will unlock this at about town hall 10 it would work like this

    Lvl 1
    30 housing space
    Th10 required

    Lvl 2
    50 housing space
    Th11 required

    Lvl 3
    75 housing space
    Th12 required

    Lvl 4
    100 housing space
    Th13 required

    Just to be put in perspective with a max donation camp you will only be able to fill 2 maxed clan castles. If you are in a lower lvl clan you could rapidly fill 4 th8 bases or 5 th6 or 7.

    Honestly I think this will really help for all the F2P leaders out there and even help with new clans and rebuilding clans that way new recruits donít leave due to slow donations.

    These troops will also train seperately in possibly a donation barracks or a separate training qeue. These troops would probably take a little longer to train though by maybe 25% or something like that

    Post what you think

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    This would be a good idea but I would suggest that the housing space would be based on clan level and an unlockable perk in the clan.

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    I do not believe so as I have seen plenty of low lvl clans with entirely legends players

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    I loved this idea as I also face same problem

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    I like the idea, you have my full support with that, in my clan that problem happens, you have to wait to attack and cook the troops, I'm in your same situation and that's why I like the idea

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    Always a good idea to review both the 'Frequently Requested Ideas' and the 'Currently Ruled Out Ideas' before posting.

    In this case, the Frequently Requested Ideas includes:

    "Clan Troop Bank"


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    Lightbulb Ideas from a New Clan Leader: The Clan Bank!

    Hi there Supercell! First off, love Clash, y'all killing it, keep doing your thing!

    Do have a couple ideas that came to me now that I recently started a new clan. So I'm townhall 12, and a majority of my clan is TH10 or lower, so I handle a lot of the war donations and donations for my clan in general. And while I play a lot, and check in as often as I can, some people still have to wait for donations, and certain times (like near the end of war or just if that person has a busy day, or timezone differences) they might not be able to get troops in time.

    I therefore propose the Clan Bank! It could be an option in the clan castle that leaders/co leaders can donate troops to (say like 500 to 1000 troop space depending on clan level) that other members can then take troops/spells/siege engines from the bank as needed! This way people could also pick and choose specific troops and try new things!

    You could put a cooldown on how often people can take from said bank (10 to 20 mins per clan level similar to requesting maybe?) so that it can't be abused too freely. Or leaders can lock/unlock the clan bank for certain periods of time. For example, I could fill the clan bank and unlock it when i go to bed, so that people in other timezones who are playing overnight can get access to my fire troops!

    That's my main idea. but it would also be nice for leaders to be able to ban people from their clan(after they been kicked there could be an option to ban, making it so they couldn't rejoin or be invited back). I had my clan open for a while, but after a clan member said some unsavoury things I kicked him, and had a bad feeling he would try and come back, so I switched to invite only and he keeps trying to get accepted back... Would love a ban feature but I can also understand how that can become noninclusive if someone keeps getting banned.

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    A Clan Bank is ruled out, check the stick; link above.

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