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Thread: How long does it take

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    How long does it take

    OK so i finely was able to get my account delete / reset on request how long does it take before they do it.

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    Has any body ever ask Help & support to delete / reset your clan, and if so how long did you have to wait for.

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    I don't know,but Off topic is not the place for this question.

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    It will take a couple of days until they answere. They want a reason why you want the village to be deleted. Then it take few more days until they decide if they delete the village or wanted an owner verification in first.
    I rescently requested it due to internet troll and it took about one week without owner verification. Now the account is in termination mode for 14days. It cant be entered and just the support can be contacted to stop it. In 13d my th10 village will be terminated.

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