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Thread: How come hay day missed those option???

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    How come hay day missed those option???

    Hay day is very good game.but developers could make some change and make new look to some products with some new
    Egg Fired rice (15 rice ,2eggs)
    Mushroom rice (15rice,5mushrooms)
    Veggie rice (15 rice,2 peppers,1mushrooms,1onions,2 broccoli)
    Lobster fried rice (15 rice,2eggs,3 lobster t.)

    Separate 3pizza from bake oven first
    Then they can add
    Mushroom pizza (5wheat,1 cheese,3 tomato,3 mushroom)
    Bacon stuffed pizza(5 wheat,3 tomato,1cheese,3 bacon.
    Veggie pizza (5wheat,1 cheese,1tomato,2 broccoli,2 peppers,2 mushroom)

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    We have wok, no need for rice cooker. No need for separate pizza oven, since we already have pizza in bake oven.

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