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Thread: Searching Clans by Leagues

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    Searching Clans by Leagues

    When you are filtering to find your preferred clan, I recommend having the option to chose by their league. It was one of things I would have liked when I was searching my clan.

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    There are Leagues, and there are yet other Leagues which in turn contain Tiers.

    Are you referring to CWL? If so, then there are two Leagues, a "15v15 League" and a "30v30 League". Each of those leagues in turn contain multiple tiers (Gold IIII, Gold II, Gold I,, Crystal III, etc.). So then what specifically are you requesting ....
    A) Select "15" or "30" and return only clans in that league?
    B) Select a tier, such as Crystal II, and return any clan within regardless of if in 15, or 30?
    C) Select both (A) and (B)?

    Or, are you referring to another League, such as Trophy Leagues?
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    Yes, I meant the B).

    When you search for clans and go to advanced search, I was requesting that there should be an option to choose the clan by their CWL. (Gold lll, Gold ll, Gold ll, Crystall lll, etc.)
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    Yes I also want this filter. This would be very useful to me.

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    I completely agree with this

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