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Thread: We did 6 tasks each, and now it only shows 5 done, also ...

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    We did 6 tasks each, and now it only shows 5 done, also ...

    I just did the next 5 tasks after the new tasks came up, and though my log shows them as being completed, the derby log on left for hood shows only still.
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    Yep we all did 6 tasks then board reset early so we could do 6 more. It shows that everyone did 5 initially and after 1 farm did 6 more tasks, it shows 6 complete not 12

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    I paid for the extra and still only have 250 points like everyone else who only did 5. Now my entire derby is stuck, canít play at all.

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    Weirdness. I finished all tasks before anyone in my NB and I was ranked last place! Also, I wasn't able to start any new tasks today, but everyone else completed all 2nd day tasks. Please tell me these are still glitches. Since it is not against other NBs no harm. Everyone is teasing me...

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