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    Chill Derby: Reset of Tasks Board vs. Daily Task Quota

    Hi! Could someone clarify or explain to me please why the Daily Quota will expire early vs. the time the tasks on board will reset?
    I just noticed that the quota resets same time as EM limit resets (UTC 00:00) while the tasks on board expires after 24hours (UTC 08:00). Shouldn't be the quota reset same time as the task board resets?
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    P.S. what i can only think of is we can do 10/12 tasks (2 day quota) using the same 1st board, then kinda halfway it will change into another task board.
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    Other farmers have noticed this too. Check my post in the Derby Talk subforum.

    There also seems to be a problem with point calculating. My neighborhood’s general racetrack, as well as our individual farm racetracks and my personal task log are correct. But, the shared task log in the chat is incorrect. Maybe it will change at 8 am UTC to be correct again but I’m not quite sure.

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    We are looking into the issues:


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    There is a thread in bugs and problems for recording issues with the Chill Derby. It's helpful to have everything in one place so Supercell can see the various issues.

    You'll find that thread here:

    Thank you

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