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Thread: Clan Needed

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    Clan Needed

    Need a clan with a good donations and active members

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    Raising Gang is a new clan looking g for members

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    You can join us Lvl 15 active war clan, Looking for players for CWL, #QPPGQCU

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    Brand new ranked clan war clan

    Have you ever wanted to be a part of a new clan from day one???

    Here is your opportunity! From the very start we will be vetting everyone who joins to make sure that everyone who joins will be active, contributing to donations, and having a role in our clan wars!

    We are currently searching for non-rushed players of TH7 or above, and even if you don't have perfect attacking strategy, we will be more than happy to help you learn!

    Just comment below and request to join #2PUCLCOPV if you want to consistently compete in Clan Wars and have an enjoyable, friendly environment!


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    CAESARS BOYZ, as well as our other clan, is a US based clan, with the main clan that was formed back in May 2015 by a group of friends wanting to have fun with the game. Many have since left to pursue other interests, but the core leadership has stuck around, and we share a common goal to keep on making our clan much better over time. We’re always looking to have more people, larger wars, and more clan games participation. Your membership will allow for that to happen.

    Below are the different clans both related to one another. For more details, click the different colored labels to take you to clashofstats.

    Main Clan - LV 14 - Crystal III (#YPU22PYG)
    The main clan members are all generally laid back. We all have lives outside the game too, so while we aren’t as active as other clans, we do take pride in what we do. If you don’t see people talking in the chat, or online for that matter, don’t fret. As for war, we start war twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights, and occasionally Sunday nights, all at around 10:30pm EST, unless a war event goes on, then we do back to back. Our war log isn’t the greatest, but many of our losses were from the first year of the clan’s inception. We’ve been winning more wars ever since.

    Sister Clan - LV 13 - Gold I (#QCCYOROR)
    We have a sister clan, also called CAESARS BOYZ, looking for members too, so be sure to give them a look. This clan runs on similar rules to the main clan, with war on a more tentative schedule, but it has a more family-friendly environment, so foul language is prohibited.

    Both clans are looking for TH10+. Both have Siege Machines, though we always welcome more TH12+ to help donate!

    Pre-requisites for joining our clans:

    • Must be at least TH10, and not badly rushed. A few things not upgraded won’t penalize you; just don’t have glaring flaws with your base or troop levels.
    • No war timers. That's an immediate red flag, as it means that you either ditched your last clan during a war, or you got kicked from that clan during war, which likely indicates something bad on your behalf.
    • Do not request troops immediately upon joining. We don't like hoppers, and you will be kicked.
    • Mention this forum post or the name Dardanius in your join request. The "I'd like to join your clan" message tends to be ignored, and likely means you didn't read this post.
    • Trophy Requirements: 1500/200 for the main clan, 2000 for the Sister Clan

    Clan Rules:

    • English is a must.
    • Please do your part and donate. There is no set donation ratio to follow, but make sure you’re not leeching off of people. And please, donate the right stuff to people. If you don’t have it, leave the request alone for others to donate.
    • Be respectful of others. You are also assumed to know how to properly behave. We shouldn't need to list out all the obvious rules here.
    • Do not ask for ranks. You will promoted if you are deserving of a promotion.
    • Do your part in Clan Games and earn at least 1000 points. It takes more than 5 people to max out points, and every bit helps. 1000 is pretty easy to achieve in a short amount of time.
    • War isn't required, but we encourage that you opt in so we can participate in larger wars. If you are to opt out, make sure you are actively donating and participating in clan games when they happen.
    • Sister clan only: No foul language.
    • Most importantly, have fun!

    War Rules

    • Make sure to follow the war protocol, which is sent via clan mail before Battle Day (this tells you what your targets will be).
    • Opt in and out as needed. Opting in tells us that you are committing to attacking twice.
    • Failure to do the above two rules may result in suspension from war. Missing attacks if you get caught up with something is understandable, but make sure it’s reasonable. Forgetting to do your attacks is NOT an acceptable excuse.
    • New members will be withheld from war until the "New" tag is gone.
    • Leave the war Clan Castles to the higher up.

    Main Account (TH13): Darkwind™ | Alt Account (TH11): DARDANIUS

    Clan: CAESARS BOYZ (LV 15 - Crystal III)

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    Check us out :

    Brothers in Arm - Level 12 -#L8QCJQYU

    Looking folks for mainly CWL but can stay as long as they want

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