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Thread: Clan Castle troops remain after battle on a surviving Stone Slammer

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    Clan Castle troops remain after battle on a surviving Stone Slammer

    So I did a battle on Multiplayer. It ended in a 3-Star and the Stone Slammer survived the attack. I never popped it to drop the troops manually, I just let it do its job of attacking and tanking and it survived. But when I returned back to my base, I checked that my Clan Castle STILL had the troops that were donated to it, as if I did not drop the Stone Slammer in the first place. It is really weird that this happens with the Stone Slammer. Does it happen with other Siege Machines as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTrooper99 View Post
    It happens with them all if they survive kinda neat especially with a stone slammer, say if you're overpowering a low level base when farming etc.
    I can confirm this is true. If the CC doesn't come out of the siege machine then the CC troops are still in your CC after the attack

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    Yes and no.

    Blimp, Wall wrecker self destruct at th or th position unless you trigger destruction or defenses destroy it first.

    Siege barrack self destructs a short time after pekka and wiz roll out, unless you trigger destruction or when defenses destroy it.

    There are two deployments at work here. You deploy the siege machine and destruction of seige machine deploys cc troops

    Any siege machine surviving intact never deploys cc troops.

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