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    Cool Hay Day Sneak Peek #2: Custom Decorations

    Custom Decorations!

    • Make the perfect decoration for your farm and town! This new decoration type opens up wonderful possibilities.
    • Upgrade your custom decorations and choose how they will look next! Each deco comes with several upgrade levels.
    • Each upgrade has a price, in a combination of coins, vouchers, and a new item called Blueprints.

    For more details, check our latest episode of dairy news!


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    Custom Deco Upgrade Explained

    This will be one of my favourite features for this update as i love to decorate.

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    Can someone opt out this option if he or she doesn't want to use custom decorations as blue prints will hinder chances of getting permits that is already in shortage

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    I'm not sure yet if I will like this

    On one hand I love new decorations that are available for players who can't spend real money in-game so that's a big plus Also I don't mind working/waiting for parts and the idea of upgrading decos is very interesting.

    On the other hand, from what I understand, I will have to choose from different options so will never be able to get all possible versions, right? That's a bit sad for a collector like me.

    Will a choise be permanent or can it be changed later like with Maggie where you can have all the different designs? (Sorry if that's explained in the videos, unfortunately I am still unable to watch them)
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    I have lots of blueprints. I'm lvl 87. I have only received one of the deco items. How do we get these? I would love to see them as an option to purchase? I would also like to be able to have the option to return the upgrade & go back to the original plot, I liked it much better. Ty

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