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Thread: Less frustrating way to earn loot against higher BHs

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    Less frustrating way to earn loot against higher BHs

    Being matched with BHs 1-2 levels higher than you is frustrating. What would be nice is to have a handicap system where you can receive the loot for losing but not win the game. And you would still lose trophies as you normally would.

    For example it could be set so that if you lose to a higher level, but achieved the same number of stars, you would receive the loot as if youd won. But youd lose trophies like normal.

    Or it could be based on percentage destruction. For example coming within 10% (or 15%?) destruction would award you the loot but again youd still lose trophies.

    What do people think? It would reward you for playing well against someone who clearly has the advantage but wont affect the trophy system. And you wouldnt have to play 10+ games just to receive the daily loot.

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    How many times will we mention it? Rush straight to BH9 and never look back again.

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    I think it ridiculous to be rewarded for losing. The BB, like any game, has been designed with certain expected behaviors. Once you start seeing players 1 or 2 levels higher than you, consistently, it is time to upgrade your BH to the next level. Remember: the BB is a rushers game, not a maxers game. Your objective is to reach the highest BH level as quickly as possible. Choose a key troop, upgrade that and storages, maybe a few defenses, then upgrade the BH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edw4rd123 View Post
    And you wouldnt have to play 10+ games just to receive the daily loot.
    This is a false statement. In the long run, you will win 50% and lose 50%. So on average, you need to play 6 battles to get the daily loot. Some days may be more, but some days will be less.
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    Think about it ... How does one gain loot in Versus Battles? Each day you gain loot for each win until you have three wins for that day.

    Now, what if they granted loot, even partial loot, for a loss? Infinite farming! Take the partial loot, but no wins. As long as you fail to achieve a third win, keep attacking and keep losing until stores are full!

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