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    Quote Originally Posted by UnicornCOCLeader View Post
    Just found out that a China company became owner of Supercell at 51% in October 2019 - thatís when global was shut down - ofc its just the same as how China runs their country suppressing peopleís freedoms - so it all at least makes sense now and after quitting I wonít always wonder what happened and why we couldnít get any answers.
    This is absurd . Your started a topic on a game issue and now this is absolutely ridiculous. You are wrong about Oct 2019 ownership of tencent as Ajax pointed out. So you have resorted to baiting comments and blame a entire country because you can't find members for your clan ? That makes no sense .
    You have already got your answers, SC has given you an in game tool and they are saying it is still learning and going to get better. Just because you didn't get what you expected doesn't mean you didn't get an answer.

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    Most efficient method is to get your clan to high level and cross your fingers hoping that someone good will join.

    Finland ->

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    Still think joining inactive clans and grabbing what actives are left is very efficient.

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    I don't think he meant "selling" in that context. He means the best way to promote his clan to potential recruits.

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    Quote Originally Posted by GherkinSavorus View Post
    Honestly the only thing that we've found that works at all is to just open the floodgates (anyone can join), set your minimum levels, and hope you get some keepers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post

    Last time a co did that, I threatened them with a permanent ban. See churn and burn comment above.
    It can work now that we have a minimum TH requirement to join the clan without much hassle.

    I tried setting our main clan to ACJ with TH13 as minumum req. when CWL sign up started.
    Quite a few people joined.Some left without saying a word, others wanted to be in Champs 1 CWL, was denied since we cannot take anyone in main CWL right away.They were given an option to try Masters CWL in our feeders for now to have a chance in main clan CWL next month. Some of em agreed .So we got 4 new TH13 recruits without too much effort.

    We didn't have much to lose,since those who joined could't see our war bases,neither donate wrong troops.

    Some of my suggestions to make ACJ recruiting more efficient:
    1.Add minimum XP requirement as well.(A TH13 with 180+ XP is less likely to be rushed)

    2.Game is available in 21 languages,give clans an option to choose one of them as the clan language.(They can choose to not set clan langauge).When someone searches to join a random clan they should only find clans with language set same as his in game language.
    For eg. My in game language is english,so when I search for a random clan,only clans with language set as english will be shown.

    3.Implement anti spy feature in all CWL and regular wars.When promoting a member to elder give a message saying something like "Are you sure?This will allow the member to see your war bases".

    4.Give all clans an opportunity to be shown in random search and give em an option to choose the time (2-3hr window) when they prefer to be shown in random search.A clan could change the time only once a league day and it takes effect the next day.

    Wanna join a Competitive all TH13 Champs 1 war clan?Click here

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    global was never a good way to recruit

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    Improve Recruiting

    Since Global chat was removed we got the new Recruit System, but it is barely usable right now.
    So many of the recommended Players are completely inactive and dont even speak your language. And from my experience, about 80% have a full mailbox and I am not even exaggerating.
    It should not be necessary to use alternative websites such as reddit to recruit somebody
    Are there any plans to change this? ,because it needs to be adressed
    Recruiting right now is painfully hard.

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    I 100% agree with this. Even though I am not leader/co leader of any clan right now, I help them with recruitment. It has become so hard right now, people are just not switching to a smaller clan. Have to take some non donaters and hope people come after seeing full clan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow199172 View Post
    I 100% agree with this. Even though I am not leader/co leader of any clan right now, I help them with recruitment. It has become so hard right now, people are just not switching to a smaller clan. Have to take some non donaters and hope people come after seeing full clan.
    Is ridiculous having to take non donators..
    If only clash were a progression game, then those smaller accounts would be able to start donating once they advance a little.

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    The "tool" is worthless, and likely won't get any better anytime soon. I keep my clan full even with dead accounts to continue to search 50-50 wars. Global was successful for me because if I found a potential member. It was in "real time". I could make room on a temporary basis and basically test fit the new member.

    The "tool" is just random. Who knows what time the player is on, don't know what language they speak. Don't know if they are 10 or 60 like me. From "tool" I have recruited a total of 2 members. Both were rushed that I wouldn't have invited from global but that's what is out there. Both have now been inactive for 2 months. So could be replaced except there is no way to find any within the game.

    I have decided on a new strategy. Many clans are now set as "any can join". So I just hop around and find clans with only a couple active members and make friends. I don't try and out right steal members but if there is only a couple active I just see if they would be open to joining. So far 3 active members recruited. Couple others want in but are just to low for our group. So I just join them daily to help their clans and donations for war. Many of these players just don't know how to find a better clan. So they struggle along where they are.

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