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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    Every village I place in the CWL definitely DOES take the place of another village, the one that I don't place in the war.

    So when I place all the 13s, 12s, 11s and strong 10s in the CWL, I come out to 25-27. To fill a 30v30 I either put in 9s, or engineers for the bottom. If I put in the engineer it takes the place of the 9 I do not put in.

    Now if you can fill a full 30v30, and never drop below a max TH11, then that is what you should do. It is smart.

    But in my world the choice is use the engineers, or drop to a 15v15, and reduce the number of medals our 10s and low 11s receive. As these are the accounts that need the most help with upgrades, I try very hard to get them a full load of medals.

    The real point is that the scoring system in CWL is based on stars earned, not stars given up. An 11 can earn stars whether it is an engineered 11, or a maxed 11. In a clan that uses a "hit your mirror" plan, the engineer will max out stars first.

    In this league a TH9, even fully maxed, will score zero stars. Even 10s are overmatched more often than not.

    We are both saying very similar things, but looking at it from slightly different angles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    I have really lost the point of this thread. If you have an offense heavy base and a maxer ish lower town hall, the offense heavy is better for cwl. No one disagrees that if you have a fully developed base of the same th level that it wouldnt be better. And the op just rage posts and won't give any info.
    Deffo agree with this..
    Somehow, it has become a cwl discussion.. A system whereby it doesnt matter what type of accounts you use, and engineered accounts dont give any advantage other than they can be advanced quicker pre start of the week.

    OP posted about regular war though, whereby facing engineered accounts does make a difference to many clans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RegGaming View Post
    I agree with you, especially if you are playing in Champions league.

    If your goal in CWL is to rank to the highest, I will agree that bringing a rushed TH21 with th10 defense will be more of a disadvantage.

    On the counterpart, in low masters to low crystal league, a th21offense with th10 defense is way better to bring than a th10 offense with th10 defense. In lower leagues, the TH breakdown is diverse. This is why our th9s,10s,11s are rushing to th12s,th13s because CWL favors higher townhalls.
    That is irrelevant to the question of whether there is any advantage or disadvantage in engineering for CWL. Just because an engineered th11 is better than a max th3 doesn't address the issue. The fact remains the engineered th11 would be better for CWL if he built all of his defenses. So, the engineering is a disadvantage because he is avoiding power on defense that he otherwise could have.

    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    Apple's to oranges.
    The engineered 11 does not take the place of a full strength 11.
    The engineered 11 takes the place of a 9. Or an 8.

    We are sitting in Crystal I.
    9s and 8s get no stars in this league.
    Engineered 11s do.
    Same answer, though. You're talking about whether it is always bad to take an engineer to war in CWL and the answer is of course it is not. An engineered th11 is stronger than a max th3. In fact, it likely is stronger on offense and defense than max halls higher than that. However, they are at a disadvantage compared to what they would be if they had built more of their defenses.

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