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Thread: 3 near max TH13s looking for a clan

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    Hey mate,
    You can check us out after CWL. Currently members are scattered in different feeders.So atm main clan has around 25 members.

    Heres the info about our clan:

    Invictus Realm
    CWL**:Champs 1 **
    We are an all TH13 competitive(yet stress free), english speaking ,mature adult war clan.
    We also have clans in Champs 3,Master 2 and Master 3 for CWL, so everyone can take part in CWL.
    No need to be a 3star specialist but we want you to put some effort in learning and planning war attacks.
    Clan with players who are willing to learn and teach.
    FCs always available.
    Base Building.
    Needless to say clan games are easily completed and donations are filled fast.
    Almost 4:1 win loss ratio in wars.
    Players from all round the world so you will get troops whenever you play.
    **We also have feeder clans which take lower THs ranging from TH 9-13.**
    Clan tag: **#9PP98GJG**
    Our Discord:

    We will need you to have join our discord if you join the main clan.Though we don't do high end league wars/ESL,we use discord to keep up current meta.

    Wanna join a Competitive all TH13 Champs 1 war clan?Click here

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    Hey man, my clan is War Brawlers l - #J8PGUV92 (level 12) Master 3 CWL. We are a chill group of mature clashers that are very active. Around 10 solid th13s in the clan to provide sieges and help with attacks. We are aware that it is just a game! So although we run mix town hall wars, you would be able to attack at any time that is convenient for you, whether it be the beginning or end of war. We constantly churn out max donations, max clan games and dominate in war (UNDEFEATED since our rebuild). Must be able to take a joke haha, very talkative clan. Drama is not tolerated but banter is encouraged Fun atmosphere and laid back generally but fairly serious when it comes to war. Looking for strong 3-star attackers to help keep our war log green. If you are not the best attacker but are willing to learn, you are welcome here as well! Always got people willing to teach and provide friendly challenges. Be sure to check us out, we would love to have yall.

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    We do run mixed ths that doesn't meet your first requirement
    Other than that guess we quite meet it you wanna go early thats fine you wanna hit at end thats cool either
    We do back to back war the war start time is always same 8-9 pm(GMT +5.45) as we got people all over the world
    Decent war log 681-279-6 currently sitting in masters 1
    Feel free to visit if you want
    "Redzz warzz"
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    We run all th13 wars all month... might be a little cursing when someone has a bad attack, but not too much...and we split into our little family of clans for CWL. I sent a friend request on Discord to talk more in detail. All adults, mostly Canadian and American
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    Wow you all would be a perfect fit, just sent you all an invite and friend request. Ledge N Dairy. Were mostly th12s and Th13s. Sounds like a match made

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    Sent you a pm
    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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    New Jersey
    If you didn't find a home yet, you may like ManBeerPig (#P90QYVRC). I would call us casual war serious.

    Stop by our discord and say hi.
    Main Account
    \\G@RT// - #V9LJ2RYU
    ManBeerPig (#P90QYVRC) and Toilet Warriors [ #LUQ908YG ]

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    Hey, if things dont work out checks us out. Adult US/UK English speaking. Clan tag in sig line.
    English Speakers :: Max Clan Games :: CWL :: Some movement between clans
    Goto2 :: #8RJJLCUV :: L18 Adult Daily War Clan :: Active Chat :: TH12 & 13 Non rushed :: 15v CWL in Masters
    The Hamburglars ::
    :: L14 Feeder Clan ::
    TH11 & lower (clan has th12s&13s to donate) :: 30v CWL in Crystal

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    Clan: HIonClannabis - #9J82PRU9 ----------- WAR INFO: Record: 600-120 Win Percent: 83% Best Win Streak: 55 ------- APPLY HERE:

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    Ear check us out, hope we hear from you

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