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Thread: Search bar for selling barn items

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    Search bar for selling barn items

    When selling items at my yard sale shop, it would be beneficial to have a search bar to find the item I'm looking for! There are over a hundred different items and I try to keep a set amount, so it's difficult to find what I'm looking for in the event a neighbor is requesting an item.

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    The problem you speak of is a common complaint that I see from other postings.
    The more inventory you keep, the more difficult it is to quickly find what you have stored. Sometimes I cannot find something even though I have a quantity of it.
    The barn listing menu is so far outdated it is ridiculous.
    Items were repeatedly added to the game over the years, making the listing a disorganized mess.

    I have spectacular redesign for the barn in mind that I have been wanting to lay out, create some graphic illustrations then post it out here, but being just a player and not a paid employee, I had not had the time to do it. It would be a nice back to basic update that would help many players.

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    Search bar is really a feature that is needed!

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