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Thread: Th9!! Looking for a growing clan!

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    Baltimore great -

    ⚫️Based in & around Baltimore but open to anyone
    ⚫️Lvl 10 War focused clan (B2B)
    ⚫️48 very active members, but looking to clear out the trash
    ⚫️Many players with 10,000+ donations per season
    ⚫️Any maxed seige machine/troops you want for war
    ⚫️Most players th9-11

    We are looking for a few new players to top off our clan for the war league and future wars

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    Hey Check us out we are very active!!

    Slick Daddy Club #29PVP2YL9

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    Daily Bump

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    Hey, you can check us we are lvl 15 active clan, #QPPGQCU

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