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Thread: Clan invitation

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    Question Clan invitation

    Hello clashers,

    I want to know how long an invitation to the clan lasts if i don't accept it when i receive it.

    Thx for time.

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    I am not sure how long it last now,after the recruitment tool update.
    But earlier,it used to last till:
    1)The invite scroll off in the inbox.You can limited amount of message in your inbox.
    2)You leave your clan and join it back or join some other clan(Not necessarily the clan you were invited to)

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    If you mean that you're in a clan and see someone request to join in clan chat, what Rak typted applies.

    If you mean invites that show up in your mailbox when a clan invites you: that stays for quite some time. Do know that you can't have more than 10 of these in your mailbox (other clans won't be able to invite you after that)

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