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Thread: Max 9 & 10

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    Max, check out our feeder in my sig line. We are a pretty chill group with good donations.
    English Speakers :: Max Clan Games :: CWL :: Some movement between clans
    Goto2 :: #8RJJLCUV :: L18 Adult Daily War Clan :: TH12 & 13 Non rushed :: 15v CWL in Masters
    The Hamburglars ::
    :: L14 Feeder Clan :: TH11 & lower (some th12 & 13) :: 30v CWL in Crystal

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    Check us..
    We are a new clan.

    Join to make a wonderful family.

    Tag : #2PL8UC8U0

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    Rebuilding clan🔥lvl 6🔥push to lvl 10🔥
    Hey there Iím IzikyWaziki the new owner of a clan called TADHANA #9UC8Q00Y

    Tadhana means destiny is it it destiny for you to join us I think so.

    REQUIRMENTS : Absolutely none we want to fill up the clan quick and fast. It is definitely preferred that you arenít rushed though. We are international but you must speak English to stay.

    War is going to be constantly 50v50 until we hit lvl 10

    1) donít miss war attacks
    2) opt red if you donít have heroes or spells available( acceptions can me made for barb king)
    3)donate correctly
    4) participate in all clan events you can (games, wars, leagues)
    5)Must speak English
    6)maintain activity
    7) donít ask for promotions as they are earned
    8) Have fun

    Ps those who donít follow rules will be kicked

    Hope to see you soon 🤙

    Yours sincerely, IzikyWaziki leader of Tadhana

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    Hey man, my clan is War Brawlers ll - #2PP9OQGYC (level 6) Crystal 3 CWL. 30-3 war log!!! We are a chill group of mature clashers that are very active (always got around 7 people on). We get max donations from our th12+, max clan games and dominate in war (our current war 40v40 with 120/120 stars). Must be able to take a joke haha, very talkative clan. Drama is not tolerated but banter is encouraged Fun atmosphere and laid back generally but fairly serious when it comes to war. Looking for strong 3-star attackers to help keep our war log green. If you are not the best attacker but are willing to learn, you are welcome here as well! Always got people willing to teach and provide friendly challenges. Be sure to check us out, we would love to have ya.

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